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The Mara I’ll Mara (Woman to Woman) Breast Cancer Project emphasizes the importance of early screening and timely treatment as key to reducing deaths from breast cancer for Palestinian women. To that end, a recent trip to Palestine has trained midwives, nurses, community organizers, nursing students, practitioners from the Ministry of Health and physicians to perform Comprehensive Breast Exams (CBE) and to move women with suspicious findings to a diagnostic exam. This is Patient Navigation.

This is an exciting time for Mara I’ll Mara Breast Cancer Project. Many have been equipped to screen women, without needing additional equipment, the latest technology or an advanced degree. Your continued financial support is needed to provide the next phase of training.

In His Steps: Pathways of Peace, a U.S. nonprofit organization, offers a venue through which to respond to the needs of daily life of oppressed people in Palestine and Israel. Projects are developed from within local communities to be sustainable. This is a means through which individuals, service organizations, foundations and faith communities can provide humanitarian assistance which in turn strengthens the indigenous communities helping them to thrive in peace.

IHS has cultivated long-term relationships with government officials and community organizations in dozens of villages across the West Bank. These enduring partnerships provide IHS with intimate knowledge of vulnerable Palestinian communities and a foundation of trust for mobilizing community action.

IHS has evolved over the last 15 years from an early interest in developing "Alternative Tourism" in 2000 that began with relationships in Bethlehem, into an affiliation of local support throughout Palestine. This support collaborates efforts with doctors, nurses, and therapists in Palestine working with medical centers in the U.S. to offer specialized training and equip local practitioners.

Mara l'il Mara (Woman to Woman)


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IHS Breast Cancer in Palestine Project

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among Palestinian women in the West Bank with 70% of Palestinian women who come for treatment are already in Stage III or Stage IV, incurable. Due to late diagnosis and limited access to quality treatment, many Palestinian women who are diagnosed decline treatment altogether, opting instead to spend their remaining time with family.

IHS Mara l’il Mara Breast Cancer Project supports women taking this sensitive issue into their own hands. This grassroots program trains women to work (navigate) within their villages to educate and assist women of all ages. Please help them build on this pilot program to successfully reach women with earlier diagnosis and help them get the treatment they need.

Your donation provides the means to address this urgent public health problem.  By becoming a Footstep supporter, you can sustain the work of ihs: Pathways of Peace.  Each month, we will charge your credit card or debit card or withdraw from your checking account the amount you specify.  This will automatically renew each year unless you choose to cancel or change it.  You can increase, decrease, or stop your donation at anytime by calling us at 605-647-2260.  Your sustaining gift offers continued support that we can rely on, so you can continue to rely on the work of ihs.

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The following video was made by some of our talented and dedicated volunteers.


  • I am a breast cancer survivor. When I traveled to Palestine in April, 2016, I was able to share my hope with the Palestinian women I met. Breast cancer need not be a death sentence for these women. With early detection and treatment interventions, Palestinian women can have this same hope. Help me bring education, needed equipment and village navigators to Palestine by supporting the work of IHS: Pathways of Peace.
    Judy Rops, RN
  • I worked as the triage nurse.  The first clinic we worked was so packed with people that it was overwhelming.  They were trying to push to the front of the crowd because they wanted to make sure they would be seen by the doctor and get the medicine they needed...what I realized most was that the people came with so many health issues that were out of our ability to help them...they were looking for a miracle.  Yet, they were just so happy that we foreigners were there, helping them.  It seemed to give them hope...hope that they haven't been forgotten.
    Lily, RN
  • Boarded the bus at 8:15am to go to the Church of the Annunciation, which is the largest Christian church in the Arab world.  Both inside and outside the church are absolutely stunning - mosaics from countries all over the world.  On to the Mount of the Beatitudes, where Jesus spoke to his disciples. It is looking over the Sea of Galilee. We then visited Tabtha, the place where Jesus fed the 5,000. In the front of the church are oil presses from the 1st century.  Next, a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee; wind was light, sea clear green.
    Joan, Awareness Tour Participant
  • After lunch in Old Jerusalem, we walked to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  What an interesting building!  So many different Christian sects lay claim to parts and pieces of it that 2 Muslim families keep the keys (and the peace).  We then continued our walking tour down the Via Dolorosa, taking the Stations of the Cross in reverse order from 14 to 1.  When we came to the end we turned around and did it 1 to 14.  This time we were following a group of Pilgrims carrying the cross and stopping to worship at every station.  Quite an experience!
    Barbara, NJIPEG

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